Market Grilled Cheese

Chef Jenn Magrey
Wave Hill bread
Beaver Brook Farm cheese

Wave Hill Bakery 3-Grain Country Sandwich bread
Beaver Brook Farm Nehanic Abbey Cheese and Pleasant Valley Sheeps Milk Cheese
Butter or olive oil

Heat a griddle or cast iron pan on medium high. Add the butter or olive oil until melted or spread onto bread.

Add the bread to pan and sprinkle grated cheeses onto slice of bread. Top with second slice of bread. Heat until crispy and toasted! Serve with Farmers’ Market Tomato Soup.

Add thinly sliced tomato and whole basil leaves into the sandwiches with the cheese.
When you remove the toasted sandwich from the pan, rub the rough and crunchy outside of bread with a raw garlic clove. Mmmm good!!