Chicken and Greens Stirfry

Chef Jenn Magrey
Summer Hill Catering Thai Peanut Sauce
Four Root Farm bok choi, Chinese broccoli, pease, and garlic scapes
Leap Frog Farm scallions
Beaver Brook Farm chicken breast

1/2-2/3 cup Summer Hill Catering Thai Peanut Sauce
1 Beaver Brook Farm chicken breast, cut into small bite-sized pieces
1/2 bunch Four Root Farm Bok Choy
1 bunch Four Root Farm Chinese Broccoli
1 pint Four Root Farm sugar snap peas with strings removed
2-3 Leap Frog Farm Scallions
2-3 Four Root Farm Garlic Scapes

Slice all the vegetables on the bias and in small bite-sized pieces. Set aside

Heat a wok or large frying pan to medium high heat and add 2 tablespoons neutral oil (Grapeseed, Canola or any vegetable oil). Add the chicken and stir fry and keep moving until the chicken is no longer pink. Add the Thai peanut sauce and continue stir frying. Add the veggies and continue to toss and stir fry until the veggies are cooked to desired doneness, about 5-7 minutes. Taste for sauce and add more if desired.